How the EU played a key role in smoothing relations between London and Dublin.

Mr. Colin Murray in the Conversation discussing the role of the EU in the Peace Process.

When Ireland’s prime minister, or TaoiseachEnda Kenny, spoke glumly in January of the “serious difficulties” a British exit from the European Union would create for Northern Ireland, the veteran unionist politician David Trimble was incredulous: “There’s absolutely no connection between the peace process and the European Union.”

But on June 6, UK Chancellor George Osborne said that in the event of a Brexit, the end of Europe’s financial support for the peace process would contribute to a profound “economic shock” for Northern Ireland.

In May, the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, a body well-stocked with high-profile Brexiteers, was content that the relations between London, Dublin and Belfast would “continue to be very strong” even if the UK left the EU. In a report on the issue, they maintained that the EU has been less important for conflict resolution than the United States.

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